Cognitive Dissonance and 9/11

I would like to keep this Blog on subject, as to fire service code of ethics and our obligation to public safety and fellow firefighters. However, it’s vital  to understand why our professionals, not just firefighters, architects, engineers, journalist, ect,   are not recognizing their responsibility to deal with 9/11. This video will help you understand.


Confronting Cognitive Dissonance – The Eyeopener


Are Millions of Business People At Risk of Dying In Collapsing Buildings?

Death Traps?

Millions of people work in or visit high-rise buildings … assuming the buildings were more or less safe.

But it turns out that there is a severe, lethal risk of sudden collapse in even the best-made skyscrapers in America, Britain, Germany, Japan and other nations worldwide.

A New Understanding

Before 9/11, no modern steel-frame high-rise building had ever collapsed due to fire.

9/11 radically changed our understanding of architecture and engineering …

Specifically, 3 steel-frame buildings collapsed on that day. That includes one that was never hit by a plane, and had only small,isolated office fires prior to its collapse.

This was unexpected, as much hotter, longer-lasting fires have never before brought down a modern steel-frame office building.  For example, the 2005 Madrid skyscraper fire “reached 800 degrees Celsius (1,472 F), said Javier Sanz, head of Madrid firefighter”  and lasted some 20 hours without collapsing.

In other words, officials who write building codes, architects and structural engineers had never before worried about small office fires causing office buildings from collapsing.


Firefighters Code of Ethics.

NIST asserted that WTC 7 collapsed do to small office fires and the fires induced  a new behavior in high-rise buildings called ” sudden collapse syndrome “. Firefighters have a responsibility to educate themselves on the collapse of WTC 7 and to change firefighting tactics in high-rise buildings to accommodate this new behavior.

Firefighter Code of Ethics


The Fire Service is a noble calling, one which is founded on mutual respect and trust between
firefighters and the citizens they serve. To ensure the continuing integrity of the Fire Service,
the highest standards of ethical conduct must be maintained at all times.

The purpose of this National Firefighter Code of Ethics is to establish criteria that encourages
fire service personnel to promote a culture of ethical integrity and high standards of
professionalism in our field. The broad scope of this recommended Code of Ethics is intended to
mitigate and negate situations that may result in embarrassment and waning of public support
for what has historically been a highly respected profession.

Ethics comes from the Greek word ethos, meaning character. Character is not necessarily
defined by how a person behaves when conditions are optimal and life is good. It is easy to take
the high road when the path is paved and obstacles are few or non-existent. Character is also
defined by decisions made under pressure, when no one is looking, when the road contains
land mines, and the way is obscured. As members of the Fire Service, we share a responsibility
to project an ethical character of professionalism, integrity, compassion, loyalty and honesty in
all that we do, all of the time.

We need to accept this ethics challenge and be truly willing to maintain a culture that is
consistent with the expectations outlined in this document. By doing so, we can create a legacy
that validates and sustains the distinguished Fire Service institution, and at the same time
ensure that we leave the Fire Service in better condition than when we arrived. 1-21-2011


How do Firefighters Explain 9/11 and WTC Building 7 ?

9/11 Rekindled – We didn’t finish our job!

Firefighters  have the training to recognize  that something was wrong with how the twin towers came down on 9/11. Then there was WTC 7, a 47 story high-rise, not hit by an airplane on 9/11, that fell in 6.5 sec.,  immediately after the crime scene of WTC 1, 2 and 7 was destroyed  as the steel was haled off and melted down in China. There were, police, firefighters, rescue workers, over 100 in all, talking about hearing big explosions before the collapses of WTC 1, 2 & 7, and no one would listen to them because it contradicted our world view.   Any experienced firefighter knows that fire investigation procedure was violated but we failed to speck out because it was unpatriotic to do so.

If a Firefighter believes the official story of 9/11, firefighting tactics would have to be changed for high-rise buildings, worldwide. It’s been over 12 years since 9/11 and tactics haven’t changed, when will we take responsibility and do our job ? 

This letter from a Firefighter in the UK points out a very troubling  Point.

My point is - In the UK, firefighters work on a dynamic risk assessment,
'the continuous assessment of risk in the rapidly changing circumstances
of an operational incident'. Meaning that if we follow US Government
guidelines that steel framed buildings can spontaneously collapse when
involved in fire, then this surely means we can no longer fight fires
inside them or go anywhere near them. Risk would out weigh the benefit.
All fire brigade policies and procedures worldwide need to be amended to
state this,UNLESS the US 9/11 investigation body changes their story. They
are saying that three steel framed buildings collapsed due to fire in one
single day. If this were true it would change firefighting methods in
steel high-rises for ever. Steel should no longer be a safe element of
structure if they stick with their story.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is a non-regulatory federal agency within the U.S. Commerce Department’s Technology Administration, asserted: WTC 7 came down primarily do to small office fires !

NIST Video: Why the Building (WTC7) Fell

9/11: WTC Building 7 video compilation

9/11 FireFighters – THREE Explosions After Plane Hit WTC

 building 7 col

An Appeal to Firefighters, Present and Past

By Anton Vodvarka, Lt. FDNY (ret)

Fellow Firefighters, A great tragedy befell our community on September 11, 2001, an unprecedented 343 deaths in the line of duty. As horrible as that toll is, if there were a rational explanation for it, we could accept it and mourn. We all understood the risk we accepted when we took the oath of office, that chance might cut short our lives when we placed ourselves in harm’s way in the public’s service. This is what we are paid for and it is our honor. However, in short, the official explanation of the events of that day are not only insufficient, they are fantastic and cannot bear rational examination. We are asked to believe that on that day three structural steel buildings, which have never before in history collapsed because of fire, fell neatly into their basements at near free-fall speed, their concrete reduced to dust. We are asked to believe that jet fuel (kerosene) can melt steel. We are asked to believe that the most sophisticated air defense system in the world, that responded to sixty-eight emergencies in the year prior to 9-11 in less than twenty minutes allowed aircraft to wander about for up to an hour and a half. We are asked to believe that the steel and titanium components of an aircraft that supposedly hit the Pentagon “evaporated”. There is much, much more if anyone cares to look into it. Trade Tower #7 by itself is the “smoking gun”. Not hit by an aircraft, with only a few relatively small fires, it came down in a classic crimp and implosion, going straight into its basement, something only very precise demolition can accomplish, which takes days if not weeks to prepare. The 9-11 Commission didn’t even mention it, and F.E.M.A. actually stated they DIDN’T KNOW WHY IT COLLAPSED AND LEFT IT AT THAT. Brothers, I know that the implications of the above are hard, almost unthinkable, but the official explanation is utter nonsense, and three hundred and forty three murdered brothers are crying out for justice. Demand a genuine investigation into the events of September 11!

Lt. Vodvarka served on FDNY Ladder Co 26, Rescue Co. 3, Rescue Co. 1, Engine Co. 92, Ladder 82 and Ladder 101. He was awarded the Merit Class 1 award, the Prentice Medal.

We lost 343 Brothers & Sisters on 9/11.
Never forget, 9/11 never went out, we need to investigate.
Shaped Charge and Angle Cut Beams